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Just a bit about me: I am 37 years old. I have two Cats: Endora and Shadow. They are my kids.

I have played games on console since Atari. I started playing pc games since I was about 25ish. I started playing TF2 and L4D2. I figured I played games for fun so why not stream them as well. I streamed for almost 2 years. I took a long break and now I am back. The window's 10 anniversary update crashed my computer and I lost it all.

I hope you enjoy my Stream.

We are Game Talkz Live a new talk show dedicated to talking about everything video games. We host a show every Sunday at 12 pm PST at During our show we interact with the viewers as well as discuss topics chosen earlier in the week. We have an active Facebook, Discord, and Twitter Channel and love to talk to people about games. Check us out at the link provided and if you like us please feel free to join any of our social media outlets.


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